Bemidji State athletic director Britt Lauritsen addresses the gathered media and audience in her introductory press conference on Tuesday at Bemidji State University. (Photo courtesy of John Swartz)

AUDIO: Lauritsen Puts Development At The Core In Introduction As BSU Athletic Director

Bemidji State University officially introduced Britt Lauritsen as its new athletic director in a press conference on Tuesday, just days removed from her July 1 opening day in the position.

Lauritsen was hired in May after spending eight years at Washburn University in various positions. Her immediate remarks on taking the job centered around the importance of development–and the people involved with it.

“I’m a really big fan of the Pat Summit quote, ‘You win in life with people’,” she said in her opening statement. “That’s really the core of what we do in athletics–we develop people.”

Photo courtesy of John Swartz.

Lauritsen acknowledged a series of people at the center of the hiring process, from the support of her wife Emily to outgoing athletic director Tracy Dill and his help in the transition of the job. Bemidji State’s coaches also played a notable role with their immediate responses of support.

“From literally the first 30 seconds that I was announced, I’m getting text messages, I’m getting phone calls,” Lauritsen said. “Everything about that moment was perfect because everything that I saw on campus…it showed me that we walk the walk here. It wasn’t just a show during the interview process. It was who we are and what we do here.”

The response of the school and community was in line with why Lauritsen wanted the BSU job and Bemidji location that came with it. She stated that wanted to take the next step professionally–but wanted it to be in a place with the right leadership support and overall opportunity. The future seen at Bemidji State was one that provided both, and with athletics at the core.

Better still, in her own words?

“It felt like coming home.”

Lauritsen addressed the “still fairly rare” reality of a woman holding an athletic director’s position with the need to “do it well” and build respect through modeling desired action.

New Bemidji State athletic director Britt Lauritsen speaks before gathered media and attendees on Tuesday at BSU. (Photo courtesy of John Swartz)

At the present, Lauritsen sees Bemidji State and its athletic department as a place that has established a strong foundation for her vision of growing learners who will carry their own personal development into success in competition.

Among the early tasks of the job, Lauritsen acknowledged that listening will have to be a significant part of the work to allow for learning about the new school, community, and even conferences.

Alongside Lauritsen, Bemidji State president Dr. John Hoffman was also recently hired in his own position–something that has prompted a shared need to evaluate priorities like recruitment and retention in conjunction with the pursuit of victories.

Bemidji State University president Dr. John Hoffman delivers introductory remarks for new athletic director Britt Lauritsen on Tuesday at BSU. (Photo courtesy of John Swartz)

Britt Lauritsen is scheduled to appear on KBUN Sportsradio’s High Noon on Friday at noon, which can be heard on KBUN-FM 104.5 and at the “LISTEN NOW” link.

All audio recorded by Kev Jackson.