FISHIN’ PAUL BUNYAN COUNTRY: Author Brad Mathewson On His Book “Musky Slayer’s Bible: A Guide On What NOT To Do” Talks Tall Tales & Muskies

Brad Mathewson loves to fish giant muskies in Canada and he loves to journal. Those two passions have merged to give us “Musky Slayer’s Bible: A Guide On What NOT To Do”. Brad, a native of Wolf River, WI, has compiled a book of over 400 pages, which tell stories of fishing trips to the Great White North. Those stories often gave him (and now give us) lessons on things NOT to do…and some you should do…to catch muskies.

Many of the stories barely touch on muskies, other than that’s the reason they were (ostensibly) up north. Although muskie season is still a month away, it’s a fun conversation from a guy who seems (on first blush) to be a good guy…even though he’s a Packer fan. Fishin’ Paul Bunyan Country airs weekdays at 1pm and 4pm and Saturdays at 8am on KBUN SportsRadio 104.5. Or catch the podcast whenever you like at PodcastOne, on the PodMN App or just listen HERE: