Duane Peterson (right) doing what he loves best...fishing with family (brother John and sons Craig and Travis)

FISHIN’ PAUL BUNYAN COUNTRY: Duane Peterson On All Things Fishing & The Aquatic Biologist On Asian Carp

Duane Peterson knows fishing. He’s been on the water most of his life, and of course he and brother John built Northland Tackle. They’re both in the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame, so it’s always a great day when one of them joins Kev on Fishin’ Paul Bunyan Country.

Duane shared his insights on the hot bites and how to get them. In addition, he discussed the new generation of anglers, the growth of anglers in the last couple of years and the joy of seeing multiple generations of Peterson’s involved in the world of angling. He also shares his concerns for the future. Great wisdom from a guy who NEVER says “back in my day…”

Also today, Dr. Andy Hafs of the Bemidji State University Aquatic Biology Department is back. We’ve spent a lot of time on Zebra Mussels, but today he looks at another aquatic invasive species…Asian Carp.

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