FISHIN’ PAUL BUNYAN COUNTRY: Erik Osberg Stops By For Some Braggin’ Rights…Otter Tail County Has 10 percent of the state’s 10,000 Lakes & This Year’s NWT National Championship

Minnesota is the Land Of 10,000 Lakes, and you’ll find 1,048 of them in Otter Tail County. There are 88 counties in Minnesota…and that one has fully 1o percent of the state’s lakes! Erik Osberg of Otter Tail

Lakes County and The Outdoor Report stops in to do a little bragging. He talks about the sheer number of lakes as well as the many species you’ll find in the various lakes. In addition, Otter Tail Lake itself will be the site for this year’s National Walleye Tour Championship later this month. Erik discusses the strong walleye numbers on the lake and how it will be much different than the typical waters National Championships are held on.

And he even fishes OUTSIDE Otter Tail County. He talks about his favorite lakes and his favorite fish to go after.

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