Isaiah Hahn of You Bet Guide Service with a beaut!

FISHIN’ PAUL BUNYAN COUNTRY: Frank Schneider Recap, The Aquatic Biologist & Isaiah Hahn On PR Fishing

Dr. Andy Hafs of the Bemidji State University Aquatic Biology Dept.

We kicked off the final week of Fishin’ Paul Bunyan Country with another conversation with Peter Janik. Peter is the Tournament Director for the 54th Annual Frank Schneider Jr. Memorial Musky Tournament, hosted by the Twin Cities Chapter of Muskies Inc on 25 lakes (and a couple rivers) in Paul Bunyan Country. The tournament was held this past weekend and Peter was in to recap the event. We hear about the number of anglers, number of fish caught, sizes, where they were caught and who the champions were.

In addition, Dr. Andy Hafs of the Aquatic Biology program at Bemidji State University answers a question on how often, in the age of catch and release, is a fish caught in its life.And Isaiah Hahn of You Bet Guide Service joined the show Tuesday to discuss Park Rapids area fishing. We cover the gamut, including his personal passion, the muskellunge.

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