Henry Drewes, MN DNR Northwest Regional Fisheries Manager

FISHIN’ PAUL BUNYAN COUNTRY is GO! PBC Outdoors Goes All Fishing For the next 140 days or so…

Dr. Andy Hafs, BSU Aquatic Biologist

For 20 weeks, Paul Bunyan Country Outdoors becomes Fishin’ Paul Bunyan Country. Instead of a weekly show looking at all things outdoors, it becomes a daily show that is 99.9% fishing. Every now and then we look at something else important, but in the land of 10,000 lakes, fishing is serious business and we make sure to cover it all.

As always, the year begins with Minnesota DNR Regional Fisheries Manager Henry Drewes on the state of the fishery. Henry discusses all the key things going on as we get ready for the season, including AIS, the new panfish initiative and the increase in fishing license sale in the pandemic world. AND (speaking of the pandemic), after a Covid induced exile, the Aquatic Biologist is back. BSU Aquatic Biology Professor Dr. Andy Hafs returns for a weekly lesson.

Fishin’ Paul Bunyan Country is on KBUN SportsRadio 104.5 at 1pm and 4pm weekdays and Saturday mornings at 8am. It’s also podcastable at your leisure at PodcastOne, on the Pod MN App or wherever you get your podcasts. Or just click play below: