FISHIN’ PAUL BUNYAN COUNTRY: John Hoyer Is On the Trail & Carl Adams Is On The Bite

John Hoyer is brutally honest. When Kev Jackson asked how the Cabela’s National Walleye Trail was going this year, his reply was straight to the point: “It’s the worst I’ve ever done”. He’ll try to right the ship this Thursday and Friday on Lake Erie and we preview the action, as well as discuss the process of preparing for an NWT tournament.

Carl Adams of Timberline Sports in Blackduck

Meanwhile, Carl Adams of Timberline Sport & Convenience in Blackduck has been reeling in a bunch of walleyes and it continues this week, with lots of action and good solid sizes. Blackduck Lake itself is hot right now and so are a number of lakes in that area. Carl has the details and the methods for success.

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