FISHIN’ PAUL BUNYAN COUNTRY presented by Northland Fishing Tackle: BONUS Lake(s) Of The Week Day…Two Lakes Named La Salle

Throughout the course of this year, there were a couple of Thursdays that had other key programs and didn’t have a lake of the week. That meant there were two interviews that had yet to air. Since both were great interviews about a couple of sweet lakes, we couldn’t let them just stay in the can.

This is the final week of “Fishin’ Paul Bunyan Country”, so today a BONUS Lake of the Week Doubleheader. Coincidentally, they are both lakes named La Salle. Acting Bemidji Area Fisheries Supervisor Andy Thompson has the details on Big La Salle in Clearwater County, and Park Rapids Area Fisheries Specialist Mike Kelly details La Salle AND the amazing La Salle Recreation Area in Hubbard County.

FYI: Paul Bunyan Country Outdoors begins next week with a new show every Thursday at 1pm on KBUN-FM 104.5 and re-airing on Saturday mornings at 8am. Each show will have a fishing feature and another outdoor topic as well.

You can hear today’s La Salle Twin Bill HERE: