FISHIN’ PAUL BUNYAN COUNTRY presented by Northland Fishing Tackle: Jason Freed Talks Leech, Vermilion & Spring Football

The show is called “Fishin’ Paul Bunyan Country” but there’s a fair amount of football on the latest episode. Jason Freed & Bryan Stoffel have a lot in common. They, of course, know each other well from being on opposite sides of Minnesota’s best football rivalry: Bemidji-Brainerd. Freed spent years as Brainerd’s Defensive Coordinator trying to thwart Stoff’s Lumberjack offense. They are both long time assistants who are now the head coach. And they both, in their first year, have to deal with Covid-19 and the disappointment of no Friday Night Lights this fall.

We heard from Stoff on High Noon (and will again at Friday’s Lumberjack Scramble Special 9am-12pm on KBUN-FM 104.5). On the latest Fishin’ Paul Bunyan Country, we hear Jason’s thoughts. The reason he’s on FPBC and Stoff isn’t? Jason can also tell us how to catch August walleyes on Leech Lake, and this week on Vermilion (where he is vacationing).