FISHIN’ PAUL BUNYAN COUNTRY presented by Northland Fishing Tackle: The Final Show Of The Year–Henry Drewes On The State Of Paul Bunyan Country

The 30th season of “Fishin’ Paul Bunyan Country” wraps Friday with Part Two of DNR Northwest Regional Fisheries Supervisor Henry Drewes and The State Of The Fishery. By and large it was an excellent fishing year and as we have documented many times, one of the best years for number of anglers.

All topics…from fish populations to climate change issues to covid-19 are covered.

And while the daily FPBC Show is done, Paul Bunyan Country Outdoors kicks off another year Thursday, September 17th. The show will feature a ton of angling talk with PBC’s best, but will also cover all things outdoors…hunting, forestry, trails, state parks, non-game wildlife and much more. It airs Thursdays at 1pm on KBUN SportsRadio 104.5 and again Saturday mornings at 8am. Or listen to the podcast anytime you want at podcastone or on the Pod MN app.

Listen to the season’s final episode of Fishin’ Paul Bunyan Country HERE: