FISHIN’ PAUL BUNYAN COUNTRY: The Lueken’s Village Foods United Way Tournament Winners Announced & The Aquatic Biologist on “Fizzing”

Gordon Fothergill with the Big Fish…a 31″ walleye!

The Lueken’s Village Foods United Way Fishing Tournament was held on the lakes of Beltrami, Hubbard and Clearwater Counties Friday and Saturday. Using the

Tournament Angler website, anglers fished wherever they wanted and whenever they wanted (as long as it was between 7am Friday and 10pm Saturday) in an effort to claim the two titles, the Walleye and Bass Division, as well as the Big Fish Awards. Team Bullpig (Gordon Fothergill & Jason Hermiston) won the $3,000 Walleye Championship and collected another $500 for claiming the Big Fish with a 31′ beast. Meanwhile, Josh Leeseberg and Aaron Bommersbach took the Bass title. You can get all the details on the show.

Also, Dr. Andy Hafs of the Bemidji State University Aquatic Biology program made his weekly appearance and discussed whether or not you should “fizz” a fish. If you don’t know what that means, listen in.

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