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PAUL BUNYAN COUNTRY OUTDOORS: Walleyes & Muskies & Deer, Oh My! Toby K & Dick B On Deer Hunting & Fall Fishing

Quite a show this week! Toby Kvalevog of Leisure Outdoor Adventures generally talks fishing with me, but as he traveled back to Brainerd after his deer hunting excursion, the bulk of the conversation centered on deer and the joy of deer stand solitude. Also this week, Dick Beardsley was channeling his inner Adam Thielen in South Dakota. He was catching  footballs…footballs …

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HIGH NOON: Daniel Hangaard, Blackduck Football (11-10-20)

Blackduck football has gone 4-1 to this point in the shortened 2020 season, winning four straight games heading into a Section 6-9 Man matchup at Nevis on Thursday. Head coach Danny Hangaard visited with High Noon on Tuesday to recap the Drakes’ season to this point and look forward to the playoffs next week.

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HIGH NOON: Health & Sports (11-4-20)

Neck injuries can sometimes turn very concerning if there is trauma involved or an awkward manner of collision. This week’s “Health & Sports” segment with Dr. Mark Carlson of Sanford Orthopedics & Sports Medicine focused on how to initially help stabilize a severe neck injury and what makes the neck and upper spine area so fragile.

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