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Body found, hands-free rule in the news today

In the news today, authorities believe they have found the body of a missing Outing woman, 35-year-old Michelle Mae. The body, according to a release, was found not far from where her vehicle, a black Jeep, was found earlier this month. In other news, the hands free rule appears to be taking hold, but state public safety officials believe it …

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Deer spotlight surveys, cold weather rule in the news today

Good morning! In the news today, we discussed that members of the Bemidji State University biology department will conduct deer spotlight surveys in the city of Bemidji Monday, Oct. 21. While this may appear like the illegal activity of “shining” deer, residents are asked not to contact law enforcement or disrupt the surveys. They’re getting accurate counts of those pesky …

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City tax, flu shot, missing Cass County woman in news today

Good morning! In the news today, the Bemidji City Council is scheduled to meet tomorrow to discuss a new special use tax initiative. The city has previously discussed multiple ways they could use a new tax, from lessening the burden for property taxpayers for the Sanford Center, to an amateur youth sports commission, as well as help pay for infrastructure …

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