PAUL BUNYAN COUNTRY OUTDOORS: DNR Wildlife Mgr John Williams Recaps Deer Hunting & We Await Cross Country Ski Season

The 2020 Deer Hunting Season in Minnesota is in its waning days. The big one…firearm season…is all done, but archery season and muzzleloader season runs through December. Nonetheless, it’s still a good time to get an overall look at how the season went. DNR Northwest Minnesota Regional Wildlife Manager John Williams joins the show to discuss the harvest and population, as well as chronic wasting disease and the strong elk hunting opportunities. John also recaps other hunting seasons and previews projects upcoming in 2021.

Also, by December 10th, we typically have a decent amount of snow on the ground and people have been cross country skiing. Not the case this year, but Bemidji Area Cross Country Ski Club members Annette Drewes and Dr. Muriel Gilman preview the (hopefully soon) ski season. They talk trails, equipment and what skiiers can do to get ready for the fun.