PAUL BUNYAN COUNTRY OUTDOORS: It’s All About Big Fish–Sturgeons & Sharks

Bruce Jean catches big pre-historic fish every spring just a couple hours north of Bemidji on Rainy River. Tara Hokuf caught hers on a Florida beach.  And we talk about both this week on Paul Bunyan Country Outdoors. Plus, Steve Scepaniak talks about pre-walleye pan fishing and scouting out walleyes and muskies while you’re at it.

Bruce has been fishing those 200 million year old sturgeon on Rainy River for years and also talks early season walleye fishing on the Rainy. Meanwhile, Tara not only catches 450 million year old sharks for breakfast (well, actually dinner), but she’ll hunt down some mushrooms for a side dish too.

It’s all covered on a potpourri edition of Paul Bunyan Country Outdoors.