PAUL BUNYAN COUNTRY OUTDOORS: Lori Naumann of the DNR Talks Non-Game Wildlife & Dick Beardsley Talks Soft AND Hardwater Fishing

Fishing and hunt are huge parts of outdoors in Paul Bunyan Country. But what makes this place so special is everything else that goes along with it. When you’re in the woods watching the critters run around, hearing the birds sing and fly from tree to tree. The birds at your feeder, the eagles soaring, the trumpeter swans and of course…the sound of the loon when you’re on the lake. All of that is part of the the Minnesota DNR’s non-game wildlife program.

On this week’s show, Information Officer Lori Naumann talks about the non-game program including the wildlife check-off on your Minnesota tax form. If you haven’t done your taxes yet and love the outdoors…listen up!

In addition, Dick Beardsley’s been fishing on soft water…NORTH of the Mason-Dixon Line and he’s getting ready for the next fishing season in Minnesota too! And Predator Guide Service’s Steve Scepaniak has tips on getting prepped for spring fishing.

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