PAUL BUNYAN COUNTRY OUTDOORS: Stream Trout Season Is Open & Bluebirds Are Headed North

The lakes are open and certainly plenty of people are out fishing crappies and sunnies, as well as perch and bluegills. Some are going after suckers as well. But there’s another season that kicked in last Saturday: Stream Trout season. Stream Trout fishing gives you another fish to go after, and it’s a fun one. Plus, you don’t even need a boat. Minnesota DNR Fisheries Specialist Tony Standera joins the show to talk all things trout and all things stream.

Plus, we talk birds. Part of the joy of getting up in the morning and stepping on to your deck with a cup of coffee is hearing the songs of the birds already up and at ’em. Watching them flit to and from the feeders is pretty awesome too. Dr. Brian Hiller, Wildlife Biology Professor at Bemidji State, is fascinated by birds. So is one of his students, Victoria Simons. They discuss an on-going study at BSU. They’re determining the number of bluebirds in Paul Bunyan Country and what kind of migration returns percentage we are getting. They’re also checking out several other species that are “borrowing” bluebird houses in the area.

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